Picasso Jasper Men’s Bracelet with Lava and Skull Detail


Bracelets by Oya

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This Matt grey and black Picasso Jasper centre stone sports a masculine matrix of black veins, daubs and waves.

In contrast to the masculine look of Picasso Jasper however, all Jasper stones are purported to be stones of nurturing and comfort, aiding in building strong, positive relationships as well as renewing old friendships that may have slipped away. It is a stone that reminds us to joyfully appreciate and savour life.

This bracelet combines the strength of Lava bead with the protection of Onyx and gentleness of Jasper.

Care Instructions:

Wash with a soft cloth in warm soapy water and a soft brush or cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals as it will cause the stone to fade. Jasper is sensitive to heat. Store in a soft cloth or fabric-lined box.


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