Olivine Men’s Bracelet with Larger Green Agate Detail


Bracelets by Oya

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In shades of muted marble olive, these opaque silky stones were highly prized by the Aztecs for carvings and decoration. Historically, the stone has been used since ancient times to guard against disease and sorcery.

Serpentine, which is a derivation of Olivine, is formed mainly in mafic igneous rock and can be found abundantly in the earth’s mantle.Interestingly, NASA has found Olivine in meteorites on the Moon and Mars, as well as on Asteroid 25143 Itokawa. This would suggest the presence of liquid water on Mars at some stage.

This bracelet sports the matt green serpentine with an olive green crackled agate bead and hematite discs for understated masculinity.

Care instructions:

As Serpentine is a fairly soft stone, take care to avoid scratching. Clean with soft cloth in warm soapy water. Store in a soft cloth or fabric lined box.


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