Labradorite Men’s Bracelet with Lava Rock and Hematite Detail


Bracelets by Oya

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Dark silvery grey and black, the eye catches a glimpse of blue within the iridescence of this mysterious stone. Labradorite, a silicate mineral, was discovered in the Canadian province of Labrador in the 18th century so it is a fairly new stone in the timeline of Gemstones. The lore of the Inuit peoples in Northern Canada believed the stone fell from the Northern Lights, giving it it’s beautiful iridescent colour. Labradorite imparts a soothing and calming effect for the mind and emotions, energizing the imagination to awaken creativity and strengthening intuition. It is known as the stone of transformation, its energies promoting a belief in the Self and a sense of security.

Here, we’ve added a hint of hematite and a lava bead for grounding.

Care Instructions:

Wash with a warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Labradorite is a fairly hard stone, but can still chip or scratch if care is not taken. Store in a soft cloth bag or fabric-lined box.


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