Blue Tiger’s Eye Men’s Bracelet 8mm


Bracelets by Oya

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An unassuming stone, the subdued, stormy hues of blue-gray and touches of gold disguise the calming power within. Properly known as Hawk’s Eye, this enigmatic stone is a much more elusive form of the yellow tiger’s eye. Formed before the quartz has completely replaced the blue base mineral Crocidolite to iron oxide, Hawk’s Eye has less iron then Tiger’s Eye and therefore presents with a more dominant blue hue. Considered the most authoritative of the eye stones, Blue Tiger’s eye is said to provide protection against nightmares, increase in self-understanding as well as providing inspirational guidance for one’s life.

Care Instructions:

Tiger’s eye is a fairly durable and hard stone, however care still needs to be taken to avoid unnecessary scratches. Wash with warm soapy water and soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Store in a soft cloth or fabric-lined box.


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